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Set No.1 : £17 a head

x2 Starters

x2 Mains

x2 Salads

Set No.2 : £22 a head

x3 Starters

x3 Mains

x3 Salads

Set No.3 : £27 a head

x4 Starters

x4 Mains

x4 Salads

Add more?

Starter or Salad £2 per person

Main £3 per person


  • Olives (VGN)

  • Garlic bread (V)

  • Cheesey garlic bread (V)

  • Mini sausage rolls

  • Veggie spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce

  • Bruschetta (VGN)

  • Mini quiches (V)

  • Smoked salmon appetizer

  • BLT bites with blue cheese

  • Sandwiches (choose 2 options): Ham & mustard/Egg Mayo/Tuna Mayo/Cheese & chutney/Hummus & Roasted Vegetables

  • Veg Sticks with beetroot hummus


  • Italian pasta (VGN)

  • BBQ chicken wings

  • Falafel wrap with hummus and sweet chilli (VGN)

  • JD & Honey roasted gammon

  • 3 cheese Pizza (V)

  • Pepperoni pizza

  • Charcuterie meats with selected bread

  • Mini burgers either beef or vegan

  • Cheese board with crackers, chutney & fruit

  • Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish

  • Chicken, pesto, rocket & sunblushed tomatoes wrap

  • Thai fishcakes with veg ribbons

  • Fish balls with beetroot and horseradish sauce

  • Chicken fajita kebabs


  • Greek salad (V)

  • Coast coleslaw (V)

  • Green salad (VGN)

  • Tricolore salad (V)

  • Potato salad (VGN)

  • Roasted peppers & courgette salad with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (VGN)

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